The Food Garden

Food for survival

I feel like I have been preparing for the apocalypse for all of my adult life. (Which is over three decades, in case you’re wondering).

I just didn’t know which apocalypse it would be: nuclear war, or oil and gas shortages causing civil unrest, or the big earthquake we’re expecting here on the west coast, or a pandemic – or maybe something else.

But I knew that chances were that something would hit during my lifetime. And that it was important for me to know how to grow my own food.

Now, more than ever, food security is becoming an issue of concern. Currently, the COVID19 virus is threatening both food production and food transport around the world.

Urban food-growing: in your yard or on your balcony

Not everyone has an “acreage.” But even if you only have access to a tiny bit of space, you can still grow a lot of nutritious and delicious food!

I live on a normal city lot. The amount of food I produce, between my backyard gardens and my balconies, is astonishing.

You can too!

The Food Garden books

I am creating The Food Garden book series for aspiring gardeners who want to maximize their ability to produce their own food. If you are new to gardening, I will help you get started. And if you’ve been gardening for a while, but want to increase your yields, I will get you there.

No more expensive gardening mistakes!

I’ve seen so many people who see how much food I grow at home, and decide to try a few seeds or seedlings themselves – only to conclude “I guess I don’t have a green thumb” and then they never try again.

You can avoid those classic mistakes!

I call the first book of The Food Garden series the “Bible.” It’s the cumulation of my decades of (on-going) learning, partly from books but mainly by trial and error, out there in my garden. You don’t need to waste time (and money) repeating my errors – you just need to read the Bible. (Hm, I never thought I would say that!)

Other books in the series will address specific topics: containers, backyard garden beds, indoor gardening, how to grow carbs and protein, and more. Just pick the ones that work for you!

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Bookmark this website!

Check out my blog. I’ll admit, it’s hard to spend time inside on the computer when the garden is always beckoning, but I do my best to keep it updated with garden photos, growing and space-saving tips, and the occasionally yummy recipe. Or contact me directly. All the links are below!

The Food Garden books

Whether you just want to grow some sprouts and herbs indoors, whether you are looking at growing tomatoes or other vegetables on your balcony, or whether you are aiming for food self-sufficiency growing protein and carbs from your urban backyard too – there is a book in this series for you.


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