Photo essay: Spring garden harvest, June 14, 2020

freshly harvested parsley and scallions

It’s actually shocking how much food you can grow in even a small garden. The trick of small-scale food production is only having a little bit of everything ready each day – rather than having a large harvest all ready at once. Here’s a little photo essay of some of the fruits and vegetables I harvested from my back yard yesterday. You can’t get any fresher or more local than this!

stirfry with freshly picked parsley and onion

Lunch was a super-fast stir-fry I whipped up, using fresh-picked parsley and green onions (top photo) sautéed with some chopped red pepper, and a bit of leftover chicken and rice. Ready in minutes – no spices or sauce needed with the parsley giving so much flavour!

And the strawberries are going off – I’ll be harvesting this much each day for the next few weeks!

freshly harvested strawberries from my backyard garden

So… we had fresh strawberries and chocolate for lunch dessert… then strawberry/rum cocktails before dinner… then a fresh little strawberry-and-sour-cream treat I invented for dinner dessert.

And still had lots left over to freeze!

And then dinner was lamb chops marinated with rosemary, steamed broccoli, and rice sautéed with garlic scapes and green onions. (The rosemary is currently in bloom – so beautiful!)

garlic scape ready to harvest from backyard garden

Garlic scapes are the tops of the garlic plant – the stem growing up into the flower bud. It will be another month until I harvest the garlic bulbs, but for now the garlic scapes are a great ingredient that is like both a flavouring and a vegetable all in one.

Only available a few weeks a year, garlic scapes are one of our favourites!

Quite a culinary treat… this was my first harvest of main-season broccoli of the year (yes, we had lots of winter sprouting broccoli, but last harvest was a month ago). For more info on how you can grow your own food garden in whatever space you have – the tinies of garden beds or a few pots on the patio – sign up for updates on my Contacts page!

broccoli plants growing in backyard vegetable garden

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