My pepper seeds aren’t sprouting!

Don’t panic if your pepper seedlings are not coming up. Maybe they’re just not coming up YET. Why haven’t my pepper seeds sprouted? Growing chillis or other peppers from seed can be tricky – or actually deceptive is a much better word, especially if you are seeding your peppers around the same time as yourContinue reading “My pepper seeds aren’t sprouting!”

Growing carrots in pots or other containers

Some vegetables work well in containers and some don’t. Sometimes there are even advantages of growing vegetables in pots or other containers! Carrots can go either way – it’s important to do them right. Same as if you are planting them in the garden: you are growing carrots for the ROOT, and it is aContinue reading “Growing carrots in pots or other containers”

How I am preparing for possible food shortages

Even back in July, on Dave’s and my big trip to the city, I could not find fresh products from Asia such as curry leaves and kaffir limes: the grocers told me it was because of COVID. In August, Dave could no longer get the brand of gnocchi, made in Italy, that we usually getContinue reading “How I am preparing for possible food shortages”

My spice garden: Growing ginger and turmeric in pots

This post is a continuation from yesterday’s, which documented my challenges finding imported fresh spice ingredients (like curry leaves, kaffir limes and fresh turmeric) on last week’s trip to the big city. Long before COVID19 hit us, I have been experimenting with growing various exotic plant foods (those that are usually imported, like rice, quinoa,Continue reading “My spice garden: Growing ginger and turmeric in pots”

COVID19 is already disrupting global food supply chains

I am both a vegetable gardener and a writer, and I’ve been thinking of writing a how-to book about growing your own food at home for years. What has spurred me to do it now is the COVID19 pandemic: I do not have confidence in global food security. I don’t trust that the food supplyContinue reading “COVID19 is already disrupting global food supply chains”

How to grow lettuce in containers on your patio or balcony

It’s not even summer yet, but I’ve already been harvesting lots of lettuce, both from my backyard garden and from containers on my balcony. Lettuce is a pretty easy “beginner” vegetable to grow in either garden beds or in pots – but in some ways it is actually more practical to grow in containers. TheContinue reading “How to grow lettuce in containers on your patio or balcony”