COVID19 is already disrupting global food supply chains

I am both a vegetable gardener and a writer, and I’ve been thinking of writing a how-to book about growing your own food at home for years. What has spurred me to do it now is the COVID19 pandemic: I do not have confidence in global food security. I don’t trust that the food supplyContinue reading “COVID19 is already disrupting global food supply chains”

Mmm mmm mustard greens

One of the (many) great things about growing your own fresh vegetables – aside from the unmatched freshness – is that you get to eat foods that are hard to find, or even impossible, to buy. Mustard greens are one of the garden delights that definitely fit into that category. Just like apples (Mackintosh, GrannyContinue reading “Mmm mmm mustard greens”

Photo essay: Spring garden harvest, June 14, 2020

It’s actually shocking how much food you can grow in even a small garden. The trick of small-scale food production is only having a little bit of everything ready each day – rather than having a large harvest all ready at once. Here’s a little photo essay of some of the fruits and vegetables IContinue reading “Photo essay: Spring garden harvest, June 14, 2020”

How to grow lettuce in containers on your patio or balcony

It’s not even summer yet, but I’ve already been harvesting lots of lettuce, both from my backyard garden and from containers on my balcony. Lettuce is a pretty easy “beginner” vegetable to grow in either garden beds or in pots – but in some ways it is actually more practical to grow in containers. TheContinue reading “How to grow lettuce in containers on your patio or balcony”

Veggie seedlings growing in your compost? Just say no.

This post is inspired by a reader in Italy, who wrote to say that she had pepper and pumpkin seedlings sprouting in her compost. And by a friend here in town who, a few years ago, was excited that she had thousands of tomatoes growing in her compost – she was trying to give themContinue reading “Veggie seedlings growing in your compost? Just say no.”

Too much asparagus! (Or kale or broccoli or leeks)

It’s a terrible problem to have… I’m such a good vegetable gardener that my harvest is too big! When you grow your own food, it does tend to come all at once sometimes. You can preserve some vegetables (e.g. freezing or canning) – but it sure is nice to use your produce fresh whenever possible.Continue reading “Too much asparagus! (Or kale or broccoli or leeks)”

No, they’re not mutants: Growing giant vegetables

I’ve been sharing photos of my giant vegetable harvests on Twitter for years. Here’s are a few samples, above. Growing vegetables does require some investment (both of time and of money). You’re not merely trying to keep your plants alive – you want to get some food out of it. So you might as wellContinue reading “No, they’re not mutants: Growing giant vegetables”

Spring seedlings: tomatoes and peppers and more…

Early spring is the time to start some of your seedlings indoors, such as: tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, eggplants – and, of course, the perfect accompaniment to them, your basil. (More about growing basil in a future post). All of these plants are in the nightshade family (Solanacae). They really are sub-tropical species, so unless youContinue reading “Spring seedlings: tomatoes and peppers and more…”

How the COVID19 pandemic threatens our food security

I’ve been thinking of writing a book to share my knowledge about growing fruit and vegetables in my backyard garden for years. Well, our current pandemic – and, specifically, how COVID19 is disrupting both food production and regional and global supply chains – has both given me the incentive and created the time for meContinue reading “How the COVID19 pandemic threatens our food security”